ahead in technology ...


The production department is the heart of our organization and the place where everything comes together.


This heart of our quality driven organization is formed by a team of well-educated production employees who already have several years of experience in the production of cold and hot forming tools.

ITT's production is equipped with all the metalworking machines needed to produce high quality tools. The modern machinepark consists of:


-Advanced CNC-Lathe & CNC-3-Axle milling machines

-Several types of grinding machines to create perfect surface conditions and a  high level of precision

-EDM-wire and -sinker machines to create very complex 3 dimensional shapes

-Polishing machines to give the tools the finishing touch by giving the tools the desired surface smoothness

-Integraded CAM system to ensure a efficient process.


Largely due to our use of wire- & sinker- spark erosion and CNC diamond cutter lathe machines for carbide materials, we are able to produce products that satisfy the most demanding standards in terms of dimensional accuracy and materials quality.

" Because we are using state-of-the-art and cost-conscious production techniques with a continious "drive" for improvement, our customers can be confident that they get value for their money."