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The choice of material to select depends on the application and their requirements. In the basic two kinds of materials are used for the production of cold and hot forming tools. Alloy tool steel and tungsten carbide.


Alloy tool steels are available in a wide range as there are a large variety of elements to alloy to steel. The species composition determines the proporties of the alloy tool steel. To achieve some of these improved properties the metals mostly require heat treating.


Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard material with very abrasion resistant and can also withstand higher temperatures than standard alloyd tool steels. That's why tungsten carbide material is in many applications of high-quantity production runs the best choice.


ITTis, in close cooperation with some specialists, always seeking for the highest and latest standards of raw-materials available in the market.


" The making of high-end tooling starts with the use of the right raw-materials"


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