ahead in quality ...

Going beyond standards

Good quality is of crucial importance.
That's why we have create a quality driven organisation.
The industry to which our customers deliver is continuously developing and the expectations it has of its suppliers are becoming increasingly stringent regarding on-time and zero-failure delivering performance. There is no place for even the slightest mistake.
For our customers, quality means highly precisely tools according drawing, on time delivery, long life-times, and failure-free production. For Indonesian Tooling Technology, quality is a significant factor in our global success.
"Quality" isn't just a department. Quality is something that you produce and is determined by almost every process within the organisation.
Therefore, quality management is fully integrated into all our business processes.
But if defects still occur, quickly solving the problem is of utmost importance. Thereupon repeat defects must be prevented. At PT Indonesian Tooling Technology, customer feedback flows into a standarized process. Lessons learned are used to continuously improve our organisation and processes.
"We do believe that there is always room for improvement"